Brief Timeline of Human Life and the Pastry

Human Life and Baking Timeline:
-Aridipithecus Ramidus
-A. Robustus (2.2 million years ago)
-Homo Habilis
-Homo Erectus (2 million years ago)
-creation of fire (1.4 million years ago)
-Homo Sapiens (400,000 years ago)
-Homo Sapien Neandertelensis (200,000 years ago)
-Homo Sapien Sapiens (130,000 years ao)
-Permanent Settlement of Man: Cultivation of Society
-Stability in Plant Life
-Creation of “broth” cooked over embers; Bread.
-3000 BCE; Ancient peoples were using a a mortar and pestle to mix the paste.
-Creation of rudimentary ovens
-2600-2010 BCE; Old and Middle Kingdom in Egypt; Egyptians were baking bread,cake, and pie crust.
-Creation of leavened bread (use of yeast).
-450-385 BCE; Greek influence of baked pastry.
-Adaptation of bread/eating baked goods(honey flans and patterned tortes and pies, and first Greek doughnut).
-Greek oven
-300 BCE; Roman exploration of pastry cooking.
-Creation of “pastillariums” pastry chefs recognized profession
-Use of eggs, sugar, and butter in baking.
-1 AD; 300+ pastry chefs in Rome.
-7th century AD; 1st cookie-style cakes in Persia & European spread of sugars/spice trade.
-approx. 5-15th century: The Middle Ages
-More advanced ovens: Taller brick & mortar hearths, usually equipped with chimneys.
-approx 14-16 century: Renaissance
-Italians create “biscuits”
-Oven actually being built was in 1490, in Alsace, France
-1500Baking soda created 1500
-In 1596, the first known cookbook called “Goode Huswife's Jewel”
-17th and 18th centuries in Europe; Baking was a carefully managed profession
-Series of Guilds or professional associations
-1728, Cast iron ovens of German design began to be made in quantity.
-In 1735, French architect François Cuvilliés created the Castrol stove (also known as the stew stove) which completely contained fire.
-Mid-18th century, beaten eggs and baking soda and baking powder were introduced replacing yeast as the leavening agent of popular choice.
-Creation of cakes molds.
-In 1826, British inventor James Sharp patented a gas oven, which was the first somewhat successful gas oven to appear on the market.
-In 1833, Jordan Mott invented the first practical coal oven called the “baseburner” which had ventilation to burn the coal more efficiently.
-1876, Creation of the refrigerator.
-1891, The Carpenter Electric Heating Manufacturing Company invented the electric oven.
-1908, Herbert Johnson invents a standing mixer for mixing bread dough.
-1919, Hobart, now called KitchenAid sells a "food preparer" (stand mixer) for home use.
-1924 invention of chocolate chip cookie by Ruth Wakefield

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